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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Joe's New Video Releases on YouTube

"Job Interviewing Tips - Before the Interview"
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I have interviewed (and hired) hundreds of wonderful people in my career, but its been a long while since I had to interview for a position myself.

After extensive research and some first hand lessons learned (a few the hard way), Joe's new videos will summarize the job interviewing experience with lessons learned in short 2 - 3 minute video segments.

he first segment "Job Interviewing Tips - Before the Interview" , is released today. It includes both "common sense" and some very unique tips that might give you an edge when interviewing in today's tough employment market.

Video Release schedule:
Job Interviewing Tips - Before the Interview - Released today!
Job Interviewing Tips - During the Interview - Releasing soon!
Job Interviewing Tips - After the Interview - Releasing soon!

If you find these tips helpful please pass this forward to someone you know. Also, if you have additional tips you would like to share, please leave a comment below.

Note: Suggest you let the video run start to finish the first time and then replay and use the pause button to spend more time on the slides of interest.


T.McGinn said...

Great set of slides Joe!

I would add to the logistics slide:
* Check the salary range for the position and really understand what you can live with before you interview. Some salary data can be found at: and

Understand that some companies have not adjusted their pay scales from the dot com era, so you may be surprised at the delta between what you were making and the current market pay ranges.

Anonymous said...

Joe - Excellent, short and to the point. Looking forward to more indepth info on similiar topics. - Fred

Anonymous said...

Joe - These are great especially for career seekers over 50 - thanks - Frank