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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Over 50 and Unemployed: - Joe's Story

Enough about the past - lets look forward.

This blog will focus on helpful hints, tips and suggestions for "Over 50" Job Seekers (and those not so experienced). And best of all it will be at a price we can afford - FREE, just pay it forward by sharing it with someone who may benefit.

It has been a long time since I had to "hunt" for a new job. In my past experience, their was a natural progression of job opportunities that came as a promotion with my employer or an offer from a colleague who thought I would be perfect for an opportunity within his/her company. I have never had an "employment gap" since my college days. When I was notified that my position was going away, I thought "I am an experienced professional, shouldn't take more than 60 days to find a new / better job - right?"

Timing is everything - I did not expect the world economic melt down to have such a dramatic impact to my job "hunting". But I have learned quite a few "tricks" and have seen increased responses from head hunters and am actually getting responses from employers rather then the proverbial "black hole" I felt existed during the earlier days of my hunt.

I am working on a 3 minute video:
" How to leverage screening tools used by Monster / CareerBuilder to work for you and get responses from employers and head hunters".
(I'll try to shorten up the name prior to posting.)

Check back soon for the next post with the video - I promise it will be helpful and I hope you will pass it along to someone you know.

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ErieRockyView said...

'Joe' thanks for being willing to provide your insights on the job front. Since our country is going through a rough patch which the Boomers, and Gen's X, Y & Z have never experienced before, we're going to have to 'post' our collective wisdom to get through it.

Anonymous said...

Joe - Your words and experience are valuable for the 40-somethings out here too. Keep up the good work and we'll keep looking for tips and tricks from the trenches.